Graham Jarvis-Hard Enduro Compilation

Graham Jarvis Youtube Channel:

My Names is Graham Jarvis. I was born on 21/04/1975. I Live in North Yorkshire, England. I am a Factory Team rider for Husqvarna Motorcycles I ride a 300TE 2017 Model . I ride Extreme Enduro events across the world. I won my first Trial at the age of 10 and worked my way up to become 5 x British Trials Champion, 4 x Scottish Six Day Trial winner and reached World No4. I have won the infamous Scott Trial 9 times, more than anyone has ever won it in it’s 100 year history.

I live and breath enduro and practice as much as I can on my bike in various locations home and away, I am always trying to stay ahead of the game and keeping up my fitness levels. I will try to practice on a similar terrain to my next upcoming race. We are lucky here in the U.K as a lot of the terrain you can relate to in most of the Extreme Enduro races I enter.